Happy Tails Our Services


We will collect your dog from your home and walk them at the local park or common. Your dog will be walked for at least one hour - an hour full of exercise, playing, cuddles and maximum fun!

Our flexibility means that we can walk your dog at whatever time suits you best and either on or off the lead depending on your requirements. We will also do our very best to accommodate any other needs which you might have.

Your dog will be supervised at all times and we will make sure that she/he won’t pick up any bad habits.

PRICE: £20 for a one hour walk.

Dog Walking Services

Dog Day Care Services


Our team are also very happy to provide day care for your faithful hound. I’ll pick him/her up in time for the first walk in the morning and drop them back to you tired and well exercised at around 6 or 7pm.

Your dog is likely to be pretty hungry by then, so we can also feed them, especially if you are going to home a little late.

PRICE: £30 per day.

DOG BOARDING (Over-Night Stay)

We can either collect your dog, or you can drop them off to us, whichever suits you. They will then stay with us for the whole day and over-night.
Dogs that board with us will be taken out for at least 3 walks over the course of the day and evening. We are happy for dogs to stay for a single night, a weekend, or even a whole week. They will sleep in the house (not in kennels) and we will treat them as though they were our own family pet.
We will need your dog’s bedding, favourite toy plus enough food for the duration of the stay. Any instructions you are able provide which will help us to make your dog more comfortable and relaxed are always appreciated.

PRICE: £40 per day.

Dog Boarding Services

Pet Feeding Services

PET FEEDING (Cats and Other Small Animals)

While you are away we can feed your cat (and/or other pets), clean the litter tray, collect your mail and make sure that your home looks generally lived-in.

PRICE: £15 per visit.